Sentinels threaten to boycott Raleigh Major due to ongoing HCS investigation

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As revealed by LethuL on stream on Friday night, Sentinels are currently under investigation by the HCS for allegedly geo-filtering during their recent NA Raleigh Qualifier run in which they were victorious.

This investigation comes as throughout the qualifier Sentinels consistently played on Royal2-favoured Seattle servers instead of the mid-western Texas servers that they had done previously. This in effect would give Royal 2 an advantage at the expense of everyone else in the lobby, his Sentinels teammates included.

It is possible to force the game to give a player a set server in what is called geo-filtering. This is not allowed and is what the investigation is centered around.

A win in this tournament meant Sentinels enters the Raleigh Major as the top-seeded team breaking OpTic’s early tournament streak. Previously they had exited the two Open Cups in third and joint-ninth place.

According to Snip3down, accusations surrounding this led the partnered organizations to agree to avoid scrimming Sentinels until an HCS investigation took place to determine if Sentinels and Royal2 specifically had been cheating.

Following this, during his stream on Friday while he was addressing the investigation, LethuL stated that should the team be found guilty, Sentinels will back out from the Raleigh Kick-Off Major taking place next weekend:

With the investigation going on for over a week now, 343 Industries are running out of time to conclude their investigation before everyone flies out to the Raleigh Major later this week. As it stands, Sentinels being on the scrim blacklist is surely hurting them as they miss out on late practice before the event kicks off.

Stay tuned at ForerunnerGG for any updates to this story over the next week as we approach Infinite's first Major event.