Sentinels disqualified from Raleigh Major pool play, XSET awarded 8th NA spot

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Due to Sunday’s announcement that Mathew "Royal2" Fiorante has been banned from all HCS competitions for just under two months for “geo-filtering” during the NA Major Qualifier, Sentinels have been disqualified from the Major’s pool play.

With the event’s top-seeded team out, this has led to a shuffle of seedings across the seven remaining North American pool play teams.

OpTic, FaZe, and eUnited -- the second to fourth placed teams from the NA Major Qualifier -- each are pushed up to first to third seeds while Cloud9 as the fifth placed team during the qualifier gets the fourth seed in a jump up from sixth that they previously held.

As for the HCS Points-qualified teams, G2 remains in fifth while seventh and eighth placed KCP and Oxygen are pushed to sixth and seventh respectively:

  1. Sentinels -- disqualified due to Royal2’s ban
  2. OpTic Gaming -- moves to first seed, replacing Sentinels
  3. FaZe -- moves to second seed in OG’s place
  4. eUnited -- moves to third seed in FaZe's place
  5. G2 Esports -- remains in fifth
  6. Cloud9 -- jumps over G2 to fourth seed
  7. Kansas City Pioneers -- moves to sixth seed
  8. Oxygen Esports -- moves to seventh seed

This, therefore, leaves a spot to be filled for the eighth seed which goes to the fourth-best remaining roster by HCS Points which happens to be XSET. This roster netted a combined total of 8,640 points across their ninth, ninth, and seventh place finishes so far in Halo Infinite.

They earn this spot by narrowly beating out Spacestation Gaming who has a total of 7,800 HCS Points due in part to FormaL being unable to play in the NA Qualifier due to prior Call of Duty commitments.

With the three LATAM teams unable to attend Raleigh due to travel issues their spots were awarded to the highest seeded open bracket team from each region. Spacestation gaming, The Boys from the EU region, and Divine Minds from the ANZ region now have spots in pool play, avoiding one of the biggest open brackets in Halo’s history.