Shroud, CouRage, TimTheTatman, and other notable streamers will play Halo Infinite this Friday during the $350K AT&T Annihilator Cup

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After a successful tournament last year where influencers played Halo 3, Halo will once again be a part of the AT&T Annihilator Cup series, but this time Infinite will be played instead. The 20 participants will be randomly assigned to five teams with four players each, and the event will feature round-robin play as well as bracket play with the top 4 teams to determine the winner. Teams will be awarded points depending on their final placing and this will determine their final overall standings in the cup.

Current AT&T Annihilator Cup standings
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Current AT&T Annihilator Cup standings

The AT&T Annihilator Cup series is a tournament featuring five different titles over five different Fridays during April. So far Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, and Street Fighter V have been played with only Halo Infinite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remaining on the calendar.

Despite the teams being random, my money is on whoever ends up with Tommey, who won the Halo 3 event last year and was also the H3 tournament's MVP, given his console esports background it's gonna be difficult for the other participants to keep up with him. The AT&T Annihilator Cup has also done notoriously well viewership wise for Halo, the previous H3 event reached over 100 thousand peak viewers and it’s safe to assume that this year will do just as good, if not better, given Halo Infinite is a much newer game in comparison to Halo 3.

The tournament takes place this Friday, April 22nd, between 4-7 PM ET and will be broadcast on the player's channels and also the AT&T Twitch channel which will feature Goldenboy, Lottie Van Prague, and Puckett commentating.

Check out the official AT&T Annihilator Cup website for more details, as well as the chance to enter a sweepstake for a custom NZXT PC.