Slayer, SWAT, Fiesta & Free For All playlists to be added on Tuesday

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Four new multiplayer playlists are coming to Halo Infinite on December 14th, all of which are fan favourites:


This playlist consists of the standard 4v4 deathmatch mode that can already be found in-game, however, this allows you to play solely Slayer games without any objective modes mixed in.

Tactical Slayer (SWAT)

Tactical slayer has the same objective as the slayer gamemode but with no shields, no motion tracker, and a Battle Rifle start.

Free For All

Free For All is another slayer gamemode in which there are no teams and everyone fights to get the highest solo kill count.

With the Raleigh Kick-Off Major including an on-site $10k FFA tournament open to fans and pros alike, this will likely become a great place to practice before the tournament starts.


Finally, the Fiesta playlist will see a return after it was included in the prior Fracture: Tenrai event. This sees everyone spawn with random weapons and gadgets as well as the on-map weapons and vehicles being randomized.

In the announcement of this upcoming update, Halo's Community Director, Brian "ske7ch" Jarrard also stated the following about why the playlists are only releasing now:

...the team's original plans for a Slayer playlist included a variety of new variants that weren't going to be ready in time to deploy before the holiday break. To address player feedback for Slayer in the near term, we'll be releasing a basic Slayer offering to start and will look to bolster and expand with more variants in a future update.

Also announced in the same post was that tweaks to in-game challenges will be coming with this Tuesday update also, however, no specifics were given.

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