Snip3down calls for a move to Xbox following day of disconnects, "#1 priority"

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While disconnections and tech pauses are nothing new to the Halo Esports scene, today’s first day of play at the Raleigh Kick-Off Major was plagued by constant rehosts as players were kicked from the server mid-game and servers went down consistently.

These issues were most prominent during the Acend vs XSET matchup in which while Europe’s top-seed was putting on a solid performance against their American opponents, these disconnects kept on halting play, hurting momentum and the game’s competitive integrity all at once.

In the end, the series concluded 3-2 in Acend's favor following three whole hours of play. With a standard Team Slayer match having just a 12-minute timer, this absurd length surely led people to tune out and delayed the entire day’s schedule in what was already an action-packed day.

At the same time as this, the open bracket has been continuing in a much smoother fashion off-stream. While the pool play and championship bracket games are all played on high-end PCs, the open bracket is played across XBOX Series X development consoles due to logistical issues.

This difference has led the newly acquired FaZe Clan player of Eric "Snip3down" Wrona to request XBOXs be used rather than PCs for future events just a day into what was Halo’s first LAN using computers.

Using PCs gives players higher performance but for players and fans, this seems like a minimal benefit for the issues we saw earlier today.

While it would likely be way too late to replace all the PCs with consoles in time for tomorrow, 343 Industries and Esports Engine will surely be keen to find a solution to these connection issues before the end of the tournament as it’s giving the esports scene a very bad first impression.

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