Three-peat champions in EU, MX, OCE as first FFA Series takes place

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While the Pro Series once again saw the same teams take the title across the three subregions, new names stood out in the individual Free For All tournaments.


While Acend once again ran through the tournament with little slowdown, this week a new team got the chance to challenge them in the grand-final.

After exiting in fifth place last week, HMCA initially lost 2-1 against NAVI in the upper bracket only to then take down both Quadrant and The Lads in straight maps and win their rematch 3-1 against NAVI.

The eventual grand-final was, however, a blowout as Acend won 5-1, 50-46, 2-0 to end the tournament with their third Pro Series title, a widely expected result.

This means over the last four EU tournaments we’ve had four different runners-up between Quadrant, NAVI, The Lads, and HMCA. With it being likely that only the top four teams during March’s EU Online Super will be invited to the Kansas City Major Pool Play, this sets up a tight race incoming.

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The FFA in Europe meanwhile, didn’t see any of the Acend players take place meaning for the first time in Infinite we’d see an EU HCS winner come from another team.

While players from Quadrant, Mock-it, and The Lads all made it to the grand-final, Natus Vincere was the best-represented team with both James "Jimbo" Bradbrook and Brandon "Respectful" Stones in the top-eight.

In this final Respectful dominated the competition with 54 kills compared to The Lads’ Septiq in second with 45. This nine-point margin was larger than the gap between second and Jimbo in sixth place with 37 kills.


While Acend dropped a map against NAVI, the Chiefs did just a bit better by getting another flawless win. Not only did they fail to drop a single map, but they also won a CtF 5-0 and Oddball 2-0 in the grand final, as well as a 250-2 Strongholds map in the winners’ final. As usual, no one can touch them.

Unfortunately, the tournament was somewhat tainted as Divine Mind, the four-time runners-up behind the Chiefs, had to forfeit their games due to technical issues from BZllRK while OGRE1’s lineup of Team Immunity also forfeited their games.

This meant that Chiefs two biggest challengers weren’t competing and allowed the CAT fans roster to make the top four and qualify for next week’s Pro Series without winning a single game.

Nevertheless, the losers’ final between BBR and Frxgrs did cause a stir as we saw an unheard of 50-50 tie on Slayer leading to the map to be replayed:

The FFA meanwhile was delayed from Monday to Wednesday and did allow the Chiefs vs Divine Mind showdown to take place regardless as the grand-final included Barcode and Madsy from the Chiefs, Slayz, BZIIRK, and Beastn from Divine Mind, Vampt from Dire Wolves, and the ex-Chiefs and Divine Mind player of FlexRainZ.

This was a star-studded matchup that didn’t really occur in the other regions. Like Europe, however, the game ended with one player running away with it as Angus "Slayz" Hodic secured 54 kills total. Just behind him was the only player not signed by a top team of samuel17th while arguably the tournament favorite of Barcode ended in third at 45 kills.


Finally, in Mexico 13 out of the 14 matches ended in straight maps which included the Knights’ path to the title. Just like last week, a 3-0 over Timbers in the grand-final kept their unbeaten tournament record while the newly acquired Rebel roster recovered from their first-round exit last week to finish in third place.

With just two maps lost now across the first six Mexican tournaments in Halo Infinite, Knights are narrowly leading Cloud9, Acend, and the Chiefs as the most dominant of the regional titans making their international debut in Kansas City one to watch out for.

As for the Mexican FFA tournament, the Knights opted not to contest for the title leaving representatives from five Pro Series organizations -- Timbers, Rebel, Cruelty, Conspiracy, and Altar -- as well as three org-less players in the grand-final.

This result was a much closer game with just two kills separating Dream Conspiracy’s Dolan in first place with Timbers’ Magico in second, Magico’s fourth runners-up finish in a row.

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North America

With these three sub-regions now done, as ever tomorrow will see the North American competition take place as Cloud9 aims to win their fourth title in a row. Be sure to tune in on the main Halo Twitch channel while ForerunnerGG will be sure to give news and stats coverage throughout.