Where can I watch the Halo TV series?

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Credit: Paramount

We have been hearing about the possibility of a Halo TV show for years now, and finally, it has arrived. With Pablo Schreiber leading as Master Chief, Jen Taylor as Cortana, and Steven Spielberg as the adaptation’s executive producer, Halo’s fast-paced Sci-Fi universe has been dramatically explored and experimented with.

Halo’s TV adaptation is not necessarily canon to the original lore of the video games we all know and love, so if you are going to check out the Halo TV series, it’s best to go into it with an open mind.

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Credit: Paramount

When interviewed by Variety, Steven Kane, one of the lead writers on the Halo TV show mentioned, “We didn’t look at the game, We didn’t talk about the game. We talked about the characters and the world.” So if you’re looking for a similar experience to the games, you may not get exactly what you’d been hoping for from this series.

So you want to watch Halo on the small screen? Halo is currently a Paramount Plus exclusive, so for five dollars a month, you can watch Halo online either through their website or through the Amazon Prime add-on for Prime subscribers which is a bit more expensive at $9.99 a month.

You can also try Paramount Plus’s 7-Day Free Trial if you aren’t totally sold on their platform just yet. Halo’s first season will wrap up on May 19th so fellow binge-watchers rejoice, because after that, you’ll be able to watch all of the episodes back to back without interruption.

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