Way-too-early HCS MVP Predictions

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Although we’re less than a month into a brand new Halo title it’s never too early to start making MVP predictions. There's only been a handful of online qualifiers so far but fans have already begun debating who the best player in the game actually is, here are the potential candidates.

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While a solid professional player during Halo 5, Lucid never managed to win an event and only reached a Grand Finals once. However, his stock has increased considerably since the release of Halo Infinite. So far his slaying has been second to none and he's leading the charge on arguably the best team in Halo esports. Considering his knack for consistently making plays on the official HCS broadcast his inclusion in the MVP discussion is an absolute no-brainer.

The Halo Infinite beta was made available only a few weeks ago but his intuition and movement make it seem like he’s been playing the game for years. His game isn't just all flash, he has substance to back it up. Lucid repeatedly finds himself at the top of the scoreboard post-game against the best competition the esport has to offer. His exceptional play, along with having names like Pistola, Trippy, and aPG as teammates, is a big reason why so far OpTic Gaming has been a tier above most of the competition.

With all that said he might even be the best sniper in the game. It doesn't matter if it's the shock rifle or the good old standard sniper rifle in his hands, he doesn't seem to miss. All these elements combined make him an exciting player to watch, a major requirement if you want to win this specific award. If he’s able to maintain this level of play and rack up some LAN wins, more than likely he will walk away with the MVP trophy at season's end.


Even though Lucid has been the talk of the town, if you’re making an MVP list you have to begin with Bradley "Frosty" Bergstrom, the reigning Halo 5 Most Valuable Player.

History often repeats itself and he along with his Sentinels teammates are yet again the number one seed going into HCS Raleigh. They claimed that spot after they beat OpTic Gaming in a Grand Finals reset series during the Kickoff Qualifier. Sentinels were down 0-2 in the first series when Frosty went off a 30 kill performance in Game 3 that saved his team from elimination. He’s proven himself to be a primetime performer and he delivered once again with a series-high 1.54 K/d across 9 Grand Finals games.

Frosty has a fast-paced playstyle that is fun to watch and his movement is flawless, a big reason why his streams are always at the top of the Halo Infinite twitch directory. HCS selected him as the 10th best player of all time this past September but currently, he might be the #1 player in the game, and with a long HCS season ahead he will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate that.

Players to look out for


Called “Rene-god” for a reason, he is no stranger to making insane plays that leave Halo fans speechless. Renegade was one of the best players in Halo 5 and he’s poised to continue that trend going into Halo Infinite. Surrounded by two teammates he won a Halo World Championship with, he’s in familiar territory and his role remains the same, to main slay.

Renegade is also one of Halo’s best 2v2 players, a different style of play where his aggression and advanced movement has paid dividends. If I had to choose one player besides Frosty or Lucid who I thought would win the MVP, I'd place my money on him. For that to become a reality, however, he will need to defeat the two players above him in bracket play and win some LAN tournaments.


Historically one of Halo's most accomplished and flashy players, it wouldn’t be right not to include Snip3down in this discussion. During the last couple of years, he played Apex Legends where he saw enormous success and firmly established himself as one of the best controller FPS players around. Now he's back with an even bigger fanbase and ready to add another Halo title to his wins list.

If you’re unfamiliar with Halo, you'll find that Snip3down's Gamertag is quite appropriate. He's been known as one of the best snipers for over a decade and that’s a major reason why you’ll routinely see his screen on the broadcast. He will have plenty of opportunities to make an impression considering Halo esports now has record-breaking viewership. A Grand Finals appearance would do a lot to improve his MVP chances and his Inconceivable teammates might just have enough talent to get him there.


Justin "iGotUrPistola" Deese has done it all and he's been around forever. A major LAN event winner in every Halo game dating back to Halo 3, he’s yet again expected to make another Grand Finals appearance next weekend at Raleigh.

Someone who is used to being called MVP, Pistola has won multiple event MVPs and was even named the Best Overall Player in 2010. Called 'The Wizard' for his ability to stay alive and win pivotal gunfights it’s easy to see why he’s a fan favorite.

Pistola's main focus is winning, and his OpTic Gaming team has done just that so far, claiming victory in two out of three HCS Raleigh Qualifiers. If OpTic can keep this pace up until the end of the 2021-2022 HCS season his name will most certainly be in the MVP discussion.

Royal 2

Why not Royal 2? Arguably the best player on Sentinels, he’s been a dominant slayer for the entire duration of this team’s existence. He’s more than a capable player with the sniper in his hands and he regularly gets the chance to show what he can do with it. A couple of impressive clips on Stream would do a lot to win some hearts and minds, and maybe put his name in the MVP discussion over his teammate Frosty.

It's also worth noting he got a better internet connection, he's spent years competing against the best on inferior internet, and he's always played well. It going to be interesting to see how much of an impact that will have on his online gameplay going forward.