Wonderboy joins NAVI as Head Coach

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A week after subbing in for TuFoxy and finishing in 4th place, Wonderboy has joined the NAVI squad permanently, this time as head coach. While known to most HCS fans as a commentator, he has a competitive past of his own with multiple Top 8 placings during the Halo 4 era. He’s also been a teammate of Jimbo in the past, they competed together on LAN in 2014 at Multiplay Insomnia 51, where they came in third place. Despite being the highest placing European team at Raleigh, walking away with joint seventh place, NAVI has struggled in online European competition. Perhaps Wonderboy can provide the boost this veteran squad needs to reverse their fortunes going into the second half of the 2022 HCS Season.

Important EU Dates

3/12-3/13: EU Super Qualifier

3/14: Roster Lock EU Super 2022

3/19-3/20: EU Super Open Bracket

3/25-3/27: EU Super 2022

4/1-4/3: EU Open Championship

4/11: Roster Lock Major Kansas City 2022

4/29-5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)