Xbox FanFest $25k Final Results

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Yesterdays Xbox FanFest $20k was the culmination of nearly a month's worth of qualifiers, and SnakeDrone and Restoring Balance came out on top and $7,000 bucks richer for their efforts. The prize pool attracted a large number of professional players and it ended up being a very competitive event, lets's take a look at the grand finals for each tournament.

NA $20k Grand Finals

Game 1: Restoring Balance 25-13 Cloud9 (Live Fire) VOD

Game 2: Restoring Balance 25-15 Cloud9 (Recharge) VOD

Game 3: Restoring Balance 25-20 (Aquarius) VOD

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Trippy and Tylenul were a dominant force in yesterday's Xbox FanFest 2v2 Tournament and the first game of their Grand Finals match against Cloud9 set the tone for the rest of the series. Through better positioning and power weapon control, they were able to get nearly every single Overshield and won the game by a comfortable 12 kill margin. Game two was no different, there were multiple times when Trippy had Camo, Grapple Hook, and the Shock rifle and Cloud9 had no answer for the OpTic Gaming star who ended up going 12-6 with a needler kill. Cloud9 woke up in Game 3 but it was too little too late, Restoring Balance would pull away at the 15 kill mark and win the game 25-20, earning $7,000 in the process.

NA Results

1. ($7,000) Restoring Balance - Trippy /Tylenul

2. ($4,000) Cloud9 - Stellur / Renegade

3. ($3,000) G2’s - Gilkey / Sab

4. ($2,000) Exceed - Pyrettic / Evolving

5/6. ($1,000) FaZe Up - Bubu Dubu / Falcated

5/6. ($1,000) Torrent - Abature / HotShotGhost

7/8. ($1,000) Nick + Sparty - King Nick / Spartan

7/8. ($1,000) 1B1M - Royal2 / KingJay


EU $20k Grand Finals

Game 1: SnakeDrone 25-21 XEO (Live Fire) VOD

Game 2: Snakedrone 25-22 XEO (Recharge) VOD

Game 3: Snakedrone 21-17 XEO (Aquarius) VOD | VOD2

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EU Results

1. ($7,000) SnakeDrone - Snipedrone / Snakey

2. ($4,000) XEO - Lqgend / SLG

3. ($3,000) Alcatraz - Sica / TchiK

4. ($2,000) NAVI - Kimbo / Jimbo

5/6. ($1,000) Homeless Kings - Mose / Mysta

5/6. ($1,000) JLE - Sxptiq / Morguhhh

7/8. ($1,000) Vexed Gaming - Batchford / Squashy

7/8. ($1,000) BLVKHVND - Lunny / Phluxs


On the European side of things, Snipedrone and Snakey would start Game one with an 8-2 lead before XEO worked their way back and tied it up at 13-13. Behind masterful sniper play from Snipedrone the team would build a 22-14 lead and cruise to a 25-21 victory on Live Fire. Game two ended up being the best game of the entire series. SLG and Snipedrone took turns popping off with the Shock Rifle, and both teams traded kills until around the 20-20 mark but in the end, SnakeDrone won the final pivotal trades and took the pivotal game two in the best of five series. The momentum from game two carried over into game three and it was another very close game, with both teams trading kills the entire way, but SnakeDrone would come out on top and earn themselves a hard-fought $7,000.