XSET beats Fnatic 3-1 to win this week's HCS Open Series

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Credit: Jake Fabricius

Over three hundred teams signed up this week for the chance at a $1,500 first-place prize and the opportunity to add to their HCS Pro point totals with the Open Series Championship on the horizon. An event originally scheduled for one day, this and future Open Series tournaments had to expand to multiple days due to the still overwhelming demand to compete in 4v4 Halo esports.

XSET 3-1 Fnatic (2/24)

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Game 1: XSET 250-210 Fnatic (Live Fire SH)

Game 2: Fnatic 50-35 XSET (Recharge Slayer)

Game 3: XSET 4-1 Fnatic (Aquarius CTF)

Game 4: XSET 77-65 Fnatic | XSET 100-64 Fnatic (Recharge Oddball)

Watch the series through Envore's POV here.

XSET would defeat Fnatic 3-1 in this week's Grand Finals, just 2 weeks after also beating them 3-1 on LAN at Anaheim. The only game those two series had in common was Recharge Slayer, XSET lost this week by 15 kills whereas on LAN they won 50-43. Suppressed was playing light out and had a series-high 83 kills and 22 KDA, he was also the X factor versus Fnatic at Anaheim, posting series-high KDA stats in that match as well.


1. XSET - Cratos, Arctic, Suspector, Suppressed

2. Fnatic - SuperCC, Envore, Sceptify, Juziro

3. Gamers First - Squallaye, Marbs, Tonusun, PreDevoNator

4. Complexity Gaming - Triton, Hysteria, Karmea, Vetra

5/6. Esports Arena Red - Kuhlect, Neuronical, Rammy, BoamX

5/6. SnakedandHeated - Posey, Rated, Mortally, emteekay

7/8. Unsigned Talent - Avenue, Cherished, Sorrel, Diagram

7/8. Torrent - FilthyG, Abature, Huss, HotShotGhost

9/12. Oxygen Esports - Common, Haines, Swish, Name

9/12. Pulsar - Elamint, Lucky, ClawRob, diaxide

9/12. Shopify Rebellion - Maux, Mental, Solurs, Xplosive

9/12. Villians - Pyrettic, Evolving, Demonsiu, Perzecute

13/16. BLVKHVND - JGravity, Nebula, Cortex, Gnyus

13/16. The Hvnd - LLama2God, Xeod, Parabruh, Sylvanic

13/16. Notorious -Shock, Precision, Groovy, Parzeli

13/16. Lies - Derfderf, Pi3derf, Allelleujah, PackMandela


Oxygen Esports who placed Top 12 at Anaheim failed to qualify for Thursday's part of the Open Series tournament and would go on to release Swish from their roster. Complexity finished in 4th place with Karmea as their fourth this week and it’s possible they could’ve gone even further when you consider the fact they lost to Fnatic in five games. Gamers First had a relatively good tournament, they would beat Fnatic 3-1 in the Winners Bracket Semifinals before eventually losing their second match up versus Fnatic 3-0 in the Losers Bracket Finals. Another interesting takeaway is that the current and former (now Torrent) Unsigned Talent teams both finished in joint 7th place.

It will be interesting to see going forward if Fnatic will continue to struggle against XSET and if Fnatic is able to replicate its success vs Cloud9 in some form online. With XSET’s Top 8 finish at Anaheim and now an Open Series victory under their belts the team appears to be trending upwards and if they’re able to maintain this momentum, it’s very likely we will see Cratos screaming across the mainstage against Halo’s best teams at Kansas City.